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Clockwork Universe

Looking backward...

History of My Hobby
I became interested in Automata and the like while working in my clock shop. I started building movements for clocks and I realized there was more to this that just using them for telling time. I started researching books and trying to get information from anyone who had info to give about the subject. I have always enjoyed toys. When I saw my first automaton operate I knew that I was hooked. It has worked out great. I have combined my two loves... clocks and toys!

My Background

I have studied clocks for years and upon realizing that a lot of the parts needed to repair the older clocks couldn't be ordered from a catalog I decided that I would learn to make the parts myself. The basic parts needed to build an automata are basically a clockwork mechanism without an escapement. That is to say, a clock without the ability to tell time. I have always been fascinated with gadgets. I enjoy trying to make something from scratch to perform a certain function. That is where the automata come in. I have a machinist background. I am fortunate to have a knack towards art which is another passion of mine.