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Really makes you appreciate electricity!

A reproduction of a 18th century Gear Cutter

I recently went to Old Sturbridge Village and I saw an old wheel cutter there. Made me once again appreciate how clever the old timers were. I decided that I had to have one. I took some video and rough measurements and started to work. I picked some old mahogany that was about 1 3/4 inches thick. All the joinery is hand cut. The top joints are finger joints and the bottom ones are thru dovetails.
The brass work is very solid. It is quite adjustable for different sized wheels. I made 2 different spindles for different cutters. I make fly-cutters and they worked alright. The store bought single tooth cutters are a little better. I am now making a multi-tooth cutter. I am sure it will be a smoother cut. You just can't develop enough RPM's!
I have cut several wheels. It is actually very satisfying.


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