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Pierrot Serenading The Moon

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Pierrot stands in the unlit garden with a heavy heart of loneliness, he picks up his lute and starts to play.                                                                    The soft sweet musical notes gently waft through the warm summer breeze, being carried higher and higher.                                                                    They tenderly encircle and awaken her with a whisper.                             Pierrot distracted by the sudden brightness, gazes into compassionate blue eyes.                                                                                                              She was well familiar with the dullness in his stare and the lack of passion in his heart,                                                                                                   But that night there was hope, there was love                                                                                                     He plays his lute for her… dancing in the moonlight".                                                                                              D.S


A very amusing piece built by Clockwork Universe and inspired by the Vichy classic.
Pierrot plays his Lute and serenades the moon. He pauses, looks at the moon and sticks his tongue out. The moon responds by rolling her eye up and dropping her jaw in disbelief at Pierrots behavior.