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A bit of the old and new.
This Monkey performs a nice old trick. It is the Rising Card Trick.
The routine goes something like this:
The Magician has an audience member "pick a card, any card".
The deck is shuffled and set aside. The Magician brings in the Monkey and explains that the piece is an automaton. He places the Monkey on the table, gives him a winding with a brightly colored key. Turns to the Monkey and asks if he would like to perform a trick. The Monkey comes to life and nods 'yes'. Magician then asks if the monkey can find the card. Again, the monkey nods 'yes'. When asked if he peeked at the cards, shakes head 'no'.
The Magician then places the cards in the holder. The Monkey waits patiently.
Magician asks if he is ready, Monkey nods. Monkey is told to find card. He looks to his right at the cards, taps his wand and the card rises from the deck. Magician turns to audience and asks if it is the correct card (of course it is!)
The Monkey then bows to the left, to the center and to the right while the audience applauds..


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