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A few more completed items


This is a cat in a milk can. When you wind it he slowly rises and peeks over the rim of the can. He pauses and continues to rise slowly and turns to the right. When he has completed his rising, he stops and licks his lips with his little red tongue darting in and out. Custom movement with a two tune musical movement.

Small Singing Bird Cage

This is a small cage that I built. The bird turns on the perch, flaps his wings and moves his beak and tail in synch with his singing. There is a handcarved applique of nesting birds on the front of the cage. Stands approximately 11 inches tall.


This is my version of an Oswald moving eye clock. He is handcarved and stands about 11 inches tall. Eyes rotate to indicate time. Custom motion work to rotate eyes.


The motive force that drives this hand made toy has been around a lot longer than springs and clockwork. It is powered by sand and gravity. It is wound by rotating the picture. As the sand falls it causes the fiddlers leg and arm to move in a lifelike manner. He is hand painted in an oak case.